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MS, CRC, ICF-ACC Counsellor and Coach

Let Brigid help empower you to develop your future self and identify solutions so you can achieve your goals one step at a time. Your goals could be related to internal goals like building confidence, social skills, relationships, time management, motivation, and health, and/or external goals like making college, employment, and career decisions.

Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching

Internal Family Systems Coaching

Career Counselling and Coaching

Academic Counselling and Coaching

ADHD Coaching

Self-Advocacy Training

Work Readiness Training


Coaching and Counselling 

Involves a thorough assessment of an individual's strengths, interests, and values to help clarify goals and develop a strategic plan for achieving them, including identifying potential obstacles, gaining insight into thoughts and feelings and necessary steps for success. 

Knowledge Based Coaching

Involves bringing psychology, and knowledge from a variety of disciplines and applying them to the coaching engagement when appropriate to bring awareness to build supports, skills and self-care.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) coaching

Focuses on understanding and harmonizing the different parts of an individual's personality or psyche, helping set goals for personal growth and healing, and supporting them in navigating their inner world to achieve greater peace and integration.

Services aim to empower individuals in achieving their professional and personal aspirations by providing guidance, support, and tools for self-discovery and development.


Contact Me

Contact Information

Free 20-minute consult to determine if this is the next best step.

Fort Erie, Ontario

Tel: 905-658-0477

New Package Sessions

$450.00 Includes six sessions (one 45-60 min Intake to establish goals and five 30-45 min coaching sessions)


Single coaching session after the package

$50.00 (30-45 min)


IFS session

$100.00 (60 min)


Zoom Meeting or Phone

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